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Þverfagleg teymisvinna

Updated: May 16, 2021

Þverfagleg teymisvinna tryggir heildræna nálgun með þarfir og óskir notandans að leiðarljósi. Hér má glöggt sjá af hverju það er mikilvægt að sjúkraþjálfarar og iðjuþjálfar vinni náið saman ásamt öðrum nauðsynlegum fagstéttum til að stuðla að sem bestum árangri þjónustu í þágu notandans.

"Reablement is aimed to enable people to remain independent in their lives and is based on users’ own goals. Interventions are described to involve both physical exercises and guidance in everyday activities. However, descriptions of the content of reablement practices are sparse. This study aims to investigate and discuss how physiotherapists (PTs) on reablement teams plan and adapt training interventions to enhance users’ functional abilities.

Reablement interventions are described as individually tailored and goal oriented. However, in practice, it is challenging to implement training that emphasises both physical function- and goal-oriented activities. Motor learning and relearning depend on several principles and require both exercise-based and activity-based training. Standardised approaches emphasising physical exercises may neglect a particular activity that is important to the user. On the other hand, exclusively activity-based approaches may omit individual, specific aspects of bodily movement and physical con- straints. The use of only one aspect of training may limit the potential for functional improvement, while a combination of the two is more likely to meet the principles of motor learning theories."

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